Welcome to ComeMove.com, connect with ordinary people with trucks!

Connect with Local Individual People Who Have a Pickup Truck!

Connect with thousands of ordinary local individuals like yourself who have a pickup truck and will bid on your move. If you have one or more items that need moving locally, or just need someone to help haul your junk to the junkyard, you can always find someone at ComeMove that will make any move an alternative to hiring expensive moving companies.

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Connect with Individuals who have a pickup truck to help you move!

Connect with thousand of ordinary people who owns a small pickup truck and looking to bid on your next move. If you have one or more items need moving locally or long distance, you can always find someone at ComeMove service that will make any move a very happy move!

Local Pickup Movers

Local Movers

You have local movers around the corner ready to move your items down the street.

Long Distance Movers

Long Distance Movers

Hire a person or a moving company to take your belongings across the country for less.

Junk Hauling

Junk Hauling

Let someone bid on hauling your junk to the local junkyard!

Vehicle Towing

Vehicle Towing

Find a local tow company or someone with a flatbed to take your vehicle to the mechanic.

Katy's Story

Watch a quick short video about Katy, who needs help moving her furniture from a local store to her home with the help of the ComeMove app.

From last minute planning up to your moving day, ComeMove Mobile helps you find the right helper for your budget! The mobile app is easy to navigate and offers user-friendly features.

Mobile App Features


People With Trucks

Find reputable local movers in your area who own a truck.

Google Map

Visual map showing the starting and ending locations.

Clean design

Stunning user interface with a simple navigation and user-friendly menu.

Instant Chat

Direct real-time communication with users.

How It Works

  • Download the app.
  • Select the value of the item.
  • Enter your current item location and destination.
  • Select a date and time.
  • Provide details about what you need help moving.
  • Post your moving item.
  • Ordinary people with trucks will send you their bids.
  • Communicate directly with your mover through the app.
  • Agree on the payment method before the moving date.
  • Afterward, leave a review of your moving experience.